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Sam Bakker here to welcome you to JVZoo Academy Mastery. You’ll soon be on your way to making money online with the step-by-step training and resources inside.

The JVZoo Academy Page Builder software will become your “go-to” income automation tool - and I can’t wait to show you how EASY it is to use.

Just before awe take you inside, I’d like to quickly share how the software can actually help you make REGULAR monthly profits.

For that, we need to look at how consumers are CHANGING the way they spend money:
People Aren’t Buying, They’re Renting …
Meaning PASSIVE Monthly Income For You 
Consumers are spending money faster than ever, but in different ways. Instead of buying products and services “one-time”, they’re paying REGULARLY for ongoing access. In virtually every category:

Product / Service 


Instead of Buying Once 


People Now SUBSCRIBE For Regular Access (examples below) 
Pay per song / album 
Pay per movie
Pay per book 
Kindle Unlimited 
Fast Shipping
Pay each time
Amazon Prime
Buy when needed
Cloud Storage
Buy what you need
Adobe Creative Cloud
Buy as needed
Microsoft Office 365

It’s not just these categories either … the “subscription economy” is happening across ALL markets. People are paying MONTHLY for razor blades, chocolate, wine, diapers and even more.

As digital marketers, this huge shift is an INCREDIBLE opportunity …

Because it’s growing in our industry at an EXPLOSIVE rate.

Once you know HOW money is being spent, it’s MUCH easier to profit online. And make no mistake, this IS the new way business is being done:
Your Slice Of An $8 TRILLION Dollar Pie
As a JVZoo Academy Mastery member, you get access to the most cutting-edge ways to make money online.

The shift to this “subscription economy” is happening RIGHT NOW … and this is your chance to cash in.

That’s why we’ve spent months developing an upgrade to the JVZoo Academy Page Builder which puts you right in front of this unlimited profit opportunity.

Instead of making one-time sales, having customers that happily pay you EVERY single month
Instead of making one-time sales, having customers that happily pay you EVERY single month
Owning an automated website that creates predictable & reliable monthly income … so you’ll know AHEAD of time what your monthly profits will be
Having the FREEDOM to live life on YOUR terms … knowing the money is coming in whether you’re in the office or on holiday!
JVZoo Academy Membership Site Creator 
Monthly Profits Made Easy
Turn your passions & hobbies into content you can sell inside a membership website. With Igloo member you can quickly and easily build fully protected membership sites you can charge customers monthly for your content.
The huge shift in consumer spending means an entirely new opportunity for digital marketers.
Online membership sites are IN DEMAND and can make you a LOT of money.

But setting them up can be nearly impossible.
  •  Most existing softwares are technical NIGHTMARES to figure out

  •  You usually need MULTIPLE tools to get everything to work … and putting them all together often means hiring      expensive developers

  •  Integrating with your email provider and payment processors can be a challenge for even the most skilled  technical experts
There HAD to be a better way. But because we couldn’t find one … we MADE one.

JVZoo Academy Membership Site Creator makes recurring income-sites drag and drop simple.

No tech skills.
No learning curve.
No third party tools needed - ever.
$20 Sales Are Nice - $20 Sales Per Customer, 
PER MONTH Are Better!
Passive Online Profits … Automated Every Month
As online marketers, content helps us get our sales message in front of our audience. We use articles, blog posts, videos and more … usually to try to sell one product, one time.

Instead of using that content to make ONE sale, why not LEVERAGE it to make REPEAT sales?

That’s what membership sites do for us.
They let us put all our content into one place … then charge monthly for access.

We’ve seen that consumers ALREADY WANT this subscription model.
Give people access to regular content, and they’ll HAPPILY pay.

How The JVZoo Academy Membership Site Creator 
Will Make You Money
Passive Online Profits … Automated Every Month 
As an Academy Mastery Member, you already have access to THREE easy ways to find great content you can sell for recurring income:
Legally use OTHER people’s content as your own, and profit without creating anything yourself
Outsource content creation to specialists … you’ll see how to do this quickly and very inexpensively
Follow our shortcuts to content creation so you can make your very own custom training
Combine these strategies with the Membership Site Creator, and you’ll be able to quickly turn them into high converting, recurring income sites.

The software makes it drag and drop easy to make repeat profits from each piece of content … so you can make more for much LESS effort.  

With these proven methods and software, anyone can launch a profitable membership site … zero skills or experience required.

Setting up your site is so easy it’ll feel like cheating:

3 Simple Steps To Your OWN Recurring Income Site:
Passive Online Profits … Automated Every Month 
As an Academy Mastery Member, you already have access to THREE easy ways to find great content you can sell for recurring income:

Step One: Set It! 
Login into the software
and you’ll see you have access to a
new ‘Memberships’ tab 
Choose A Theme 
Choose your site theme from the collection of stunning,
high-converting membership site layouts.

Customize the look & feel of ANY page with the EASY to use drag and drop editor 
Step Two: Make It Yours! 
Name your pages  and direct users
ANYWHERE you want after they register 
Secure Pages 
“Secure” your pages by membership level.
You can have unlimited levels of access - for example, bronze, silver and gold based on what your subscribers sign up for.

You can even have people sign up as free or paid members
Create navigation links for a friendly user
experience - point and click simple!

Add Content 
Plug your content into your various pages …
 again, the drag and drop editor makes this quick and easy

Step 3: Monetize It! 
Set up UNLIMITED categories
and content pages … each 100% customizable according to your needs and goals.

This is a great way to UPSELL members 
to higher levels of access

Drip Feed 
Drip feed fresh content, then email your members to tell them about the new materials inside … giving them even
MORE incentive to keep paying you month after month
Integrate your membership site with top platforms & payment processors, including:
- WordPress
- JVZoo
- PayPal
- Your OWN sales funnels

Meaning automated sales and recurring income! 
 Integrating with these platforms is as simple as clicking your mouse.

We’ll even host ALL your membership sites and pages FOR you on our dedicated servers:

  • - No extra costs ever
  • - No downtime
  • No tech skills to set up - just add your domain name and your membership site will be ready to go

And THAT’S How Easy It Is To Set Up Your 
RECURRING Profit Membership Site!
Over The Shoulder, Step By Step Video Training Included 

With JVZoo Academy Membership Site Creator 
You’re ALWAYS In Control
Integrating with these platforms is as easy as clicking your mouse.

It’s 1-2-3 simple to launch your site, collect payments, manage your subscribers AND send emails to users … for ongoing and INCREASING monthly income.

Consistent, reliable and passive monthly profits have never been easier!
With JVZoo Academy Membership Site 
Creator  You’re Always In Control
Decide what emails your new customers and members receive.
What their login page looks like (we’ll auto-create one for you,
which YOU can customize).

Even where they’re sent when  they login.
Customer Management
BUILT-IN To Your Dashboard 
Grant or deny access based on membership level. Send users a new password link. All point and click simple …
no skills required!
Membership Sites: Smart, Fast & PASSIVE Online Profits
Buyers everywhere have voted with their wallets: they WANT this type of purchase experience. They’re demanding it … and in our industry it’s absolutely critical to give people what they want.

“Always-on” access.
“On demand” connectivity to the services they need.

Best part? People are HAPPY to pay recurring fees for the convenience.
Get Your Piece Of This $8 TRILLION Dollar Market 
Point & click memberships sites put YOU in front of the new subscription economy.

Every integration inside of ONE dashboard for you to accept payments, manage your customers AND scale your income.

As a JVZoo Academy Mastery member, you’ll know how to source any content you need to keep your customers coming back for more.
Time To Turn YOUR Interests & Hobbies
Into An Evergreen Income
Here’s a dirty little secret. If all you’ve ever done is subscribe to a few YouTube channels and followed a few bloggers … you can create a profitable membership site.

By simply leveraging the content OTHERS have made, putting your OWN spin on it, and uploading it to your member’s area. No, you can’t “steal” content … but there’s plenty out there you can use as your own or modify for your benefit.

If you’re already a blogger or have a YouTube channel, you’ve got a huge headstart. But bottom line? There’s more than enough content in your niche ALREADY for you to use for personal profits.

JVZoo Membership Site Creator makes it all possible.

Your OWN Subscription Model For 
RECURRING Profits Is Inside!
With JVZoo Subscription Site Creator, you’ll all set to start making PASSIVE and LONG TERM profits.

Why settle for 1 sale when you can make lifetime sales from the SAME BUYER?

Customer retention is built-in. Everytime you upload new content, you can email your members telling them what’s waiting inside.

You can MAXIMIZE customer value with the included membership “levels”. Promote premium access to new or existing members with an offer to unlock “next level” access to your site.

Amazon, MIcrosoft, Adobe and countless other companies have already switched to this model. Because THAT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS.

This is your turn. And JVZoo Academy Membership Site Creator makes it point and click simple.

Claim your access now and see how the new “subscription economy” can put hands-free profits into YOUR business.
Get Instant Access To JVZoo Academy 
Membership Site Creator Now!
Passive Online Profits … Automated Every Month
JVZoo Academy Builder Monthly
One Time
JVZoo Academy 'Membership' Builder (Annual)
Still on the fence? I get it!
So let me make this REALLY easy for you.

Pick up the membership software upgrade now, and all the risk is on me.
You’ll have the next 30 days to try it out on my dime.

If during the next month, for any reason you don’t think this auto-pilot income software is for you, just get in touch.

If you have any questions when using the software, our friendly support desk is a click away.

But in the highly unlikely event you just don’t think this software puts you right in front of the new subscription economy for passive profits, let us know. We’ll send you an instant, hassle-free refund with no questions asked.

What could be more fair than that?

This offer WON’T be made again. While we may make this membership software upgrade an option in future, you’ll never see it for such a low price after today. 

Thanks for reading. Again on behalf of JVZoo and myself, welcome to JVZoo Academy Mastery. We hope to see you inside your UPGRADED member’s area.
   Sam Bakker 
JVZoo Academy Founder 
Copyright JVZoo Academy
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