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Hey this is Sam Bakker, and on behalf of JVZoo and myself, thanks for visiting this page.

Some people know me as a 7 figure digital marketer.
But many more don’t know how it all began.

Just a few short years ago I was facing CRUSHING debt and was days away from bankruptcy.

All the result of a business deal gone bad. 
Since then … in under 4 years, I managed to build an online business that brings in millions in sales every year. How? 
investments in my success 
A little bit of luck
And a platform
called JVZoo 
JVZoo And You: A Partnership For Profit 
JVZoo has become one of THE fastest growing digital commerce platforms on the planet. All by connecting BUYERS of digital products with SELLERS.

You probably already know just how massive the online market is. More people are buying more goods and services online than EVER before.

Once you connect with a platform as powerful as JVZoo, you put yourself right in front of the money.
JVZoo helped me create a multi-seven figure a year business and, more importantly, enabled me to help change people’s lives all over the world. If you’re wanting to exponentially increase sales and work with some of the best marketers in the business, JVZoo is where you need to be.

- Luke Maguire (Seller Since 2014)
We’ve used dozens of other platforms but finally found a home with JVZoo. They are BY FAR the brightest and most helpful team and have helped turn our home-based business into a seven figure company.

Omar and Melinda Martin (Sellers Since 2012)
Would You Prefer To Make Money The Easy Or Hard Way? 
You may have heard of several different ways to make money online.
They usually come in 2 categories:

“Too good to be true” - scams that promise thousands for clicking your mouse


“This seems impossible” - complicated strategies that need skills, experience   and money to make work

Hopefully you haven’t fallen for the scams.
And haven’t been discouraged by complicated methods … because there IS a much easier solution.

I’ve tried things the hard way, but also discovered a MUCH easier system for earning online.

Affiliate marketing is a proven method that ANYONE can get great results with. You don’t need any experience or skills to make it work.

You get paid commissions for selling OTHER people’s products.
You don’t need to “make” anything. There’s no upfront investment or hassle.
Just point people to a sales page and get paid.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is. But the RESULTS can be life changing … I started from scratch not that long ago … and these days: 
No, you’re probably not going to wake up tomorrow with a 4 figure pay day.
But it IS possible to quickly create a 3 figure DAILY affiliate income, then scale it up. 
The Fastest Way To Make Money Online? 
 If there’s a faster way to earn online than with affiliate marketing, I haven’t seen it.
There are so few moving parts involved.

All you need is a product to sell - and thanks to JVZoo you have access to THOUSANDS of them …
And an audience to sell it to. Which is exactly what I’m going to show you how to create.
You WON’T need: 
  • Any previous experience or technical skills
  • A subscriber list 
  • Anything more than a TINY budget to start (most of this can be done using free tools)
ALL You’ll Need Is: 
  • A PROVEN plan to follow
  • Some very basic tools
  • The support of a team of experts in your corner 
When you have the plan, the right tools and support, you TOO can start making life-changing online income.

Many students of this very program have seen results in under 2 weeks … and you can too. These  methods are tested, proven, repeatable …

And endorsed by JVZoo itself.
Your Own Automated Online Marketing Franchise
Fast Track Your Success
To Create An Evergreen Online Business
Automated Software
Software  To Help You  AUTOMATE Every Step 
Swipe Our Proven Tools
PROVEN Case study &  Results Based Approach 
Built For People At ANY Level
From Beginner To Expert… Targeted System To Reach Success As Fast As Possible Over JVZoo 
Before releasing JVZoo Academy Mastery,
we had to make sure it could: 
Show anyone, regardless of experience, how to make money online quickly and consistently … then scale their income to LIFESTYLE changing levels
Give you the EXACT tools you need to make this happen and literally AUTOMATE your income
Provide live & ongoing support PLUS the very latest proven money-making methods to guarantee your success

That’s exactly what this program does, and here are the results: 
Joining JVZoo Academy Mastery is like getting your own online franchise. 
Everything you need is included from the tools, systems and support to make it work FOR YOU.
Your ZERO GUESSWORK 4 Step Method: 
Step 1: Mastery 
STEP ONE is called “Mastery”. Here we break down the online income blueprint into bite-sized pieces.

Over the shoulder videos and guides introduce you to the world of affiliate marketing, JVZoo and how to MAXIMIZE profits putting the two together.

Step 2: Growth Platform
STEP TWO is your “Growth Platform”. You’ll see shortcuts to setting up your business for both short term profits AND long term success.

We cover mistakes to avoid AND how to quickly scale your income with included templates, guides and documents.

Step 3: Evergreen Commissions
STEP THREE is “Evergreen Commissions”. Everything you need to start racking up consistent affiliate income with JVZoo.

We backtrack over the $2.3 million in commissions I’ve made as an affiliate … so you know what to do, and what NOT to do.

By the end of this extensive training you’ll be able to create high converting email promotions, find the best bonuses to increase conversions and pick winning offers to maximize your profits.

Step 4: Selling Formula Mastery
STEP FOUR is “Selling Formula Mastery” … my personal favorite. This is where we go from “making money” to “lifestyle income”.

Inside is my complete selling formula based on over $4,000,000 in personal product sales. Students have earned MUCH more using this method … and you get a step-by-step tour of the process.

You’ll see the best way to scale your income.
How to maximize both short AND long term sales.
Discover how to leverage products you don’t make yourself for personal profit …
AND how to make flagship products for recurring income.

This section alone is EASILY worth 10X the low cost of admission.

EACH Step Includes Walk-Through Videos, Cheat Sheets & Resources 
The JVZoo Academy Mastery BLUEPRINT Is Just The Beginning …
Every Tool & Resource You Need To Profit Is Included!

Automation For AUTOPILOT Profits 
To get you great results FAST and almost completely hands-free, we needed to include next-generation technology with the JVZoo Academy Mastery system.

So we invested the largest amount we’ve EVER spent before on an automation software …
But WHAT an investment! This SINGLE tool let us fire our developers & designers …

Saved us HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars while saving time and eliminating headaches …

It’s the most powerful income automation software available at any price - YOURS with your access to JVZoo Academy Mastery
This Software Is Going To Save You Time &
Make You Money: Period.
Affiliate marketing - and selling online in general - are great models because they’re both effective AND require little investment.

But, like anything, you always need CERTAIN tools. This software is critical for online marketing. So we found the very best one available because it’s going to skyrocket your results.

And we’re including it with your access to JVZoo Academy Mastery.

With just this ONE tool, you’ll be able to EFFORTLESSLY create:
  • Lead generation pages that build your list
  • Product review pages that increase sales
  • Bonus pages that drive more affiliate commissions
  • COMPLETE sales funnels for evergreen profits
  • Webinar registration pages, JV pages, and much much more!
Including UNLIMITED Hosting  For ALL Your Pages! 

"JVZoo Builder Is The iGloo Builder Rebranded For You"
Drag & Drop Page Building
With A Huge Range Of High Converting Templates
Opt-in Pages
Business Sites
Live Event Invites
Landing Pages
Local Businesses
Squeeze Pages
Sales Pages
One Time Offers
Webinar Registrations
JV Pages
Single Click Viewer Engaging Animations
With so many websites trying to grab your potential customers
attention, it’s vital you do it better than your competition.

Add viewer engaging animations to keep your website
 visitors engaged in your marketing message while presenting you  and your company as experts.
JVZoo Academy Website Builder Platform
Build any type of website using our website builder. Complete with all the features you need to rock the web with your websites.
Looping Animations
Add fresh & lively looping effects to make your visitors feel like your site is alive and modern.
WordPress Plugin & HTML Exports
Whether you want to import pages into your WordPress site or download them as HTML to add to your server. We provide both options! Fully compatible with other themes.
Sound FX & Voiceover CTA's
Add sound effects & voiceover call-to-actions using our library of sound fx or upload and use your own!
Features Galore
With JVzoo Academy Builder you have every type of design option from video backgrounds, parallax effects, slide shows, sticky sections, CTA bars, mobile menus and more!
Dynamic Variables
What's more engaging than displaying the name of your website visitor? Well, not too much I guess! With Dynamic Variables you can do just that with your subscribers.
Animated Text Effects
Lock your visitors into reading your marketing message throughout your sales letter with animated 3D text effects. 

Save $100’s EACH Year With JVZoo Academy Self Hosting!
Never Released Before 
Not only are you getting this next generation software to automate the creation of any web page you need …

We’re also going to host all of your web pages on our PREMIUM servers.

EVERY online business owner needs both a premium page builder and hosting. The software needs to be solid, easy to use and flexible. Your hosting HAS to be fast, secure and reliable.

Your profits are DIRECTLY related to the quality of these two essential tools … and you’re getting BOTH included with your access to JVZoo Academy Mastery.
Consider The Costs Of Doing Business Online: 

Tools & Costs
Academy Mastery 
Academy Mastery  
Premium page building 
$50 - $100 PER MONTH

Developer / software update 
Developer: about $100 PER HOUR
Software update costs:
up to 100s per year 
No Developer Needed
ALL Updates / Upgrades INCLUDED

Secure Website Hosting
$25 - $95 PER MONTH

Website Designer 
Average $150 PER HOUR

No Website Designer Needed

On your own, you’d need to pay between $75 to $195 PER month in just basic expenses. Then fork out $100 to $150 PER HOUR every time you needed a software update or web page designed.

For an average total monthly cost of $350.

Nobody needs THAT kind of overhead expense. Which is why we’ve invested HEAVILY in the best tools available on the market …

And are INCLUDING them ALL with your access to JVZoo Academy Mastery.
No extra charges ever, and you get TOP OF THE LINE, cutting edge software, hosting and support.

PLUS, because we use JVZoo Academy Page Builder in our own business, we’re constantly updating it and adding new features.

You’ll always have the very latest version at your fingertips.
Your Own Money Site Up & Running This Afternoon 
Automation tools save time, but there’s still a learning curve. So to get you up to speed FAST, I’m including a training webinar with your access.

I’ll show you exactly how to use your software to build your own sites and pages … have your own money-making site live inside of an afternoon!
A Team Of Experts In Your Corner 
JVZoo Academy Mastery is an all-in-one resource that includes not just the exact steps and systems we use for success, but the software too.

It’s our goal to do whatever it takes to help you become successful. We WANT you to make money with JVZoo, and want it to happen QUICKLY.

Because of this, we’ve recruited some of the top JVZoo marketers to join this community. These experts have made tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars through JVZoo.

You’ll find out exactly how they’ve done it inside … 
this is cutting edge information you won’t find anywhere else.
20+ Spotlight Interviews With Top Marketers 
Go Behind The Scenes To See What’s Working RIGHT NOW
For Top JVZoo Marketers 
Here are a few waiting for you inside JVZoo Academy Mastery
right now, with more being added every month: 
“How Lee Generated Over $400,000.00 ‘Part Time” 
Lee is going to reveal how he’s been able to successfully make money while holding a full time job. Lee is on the verge of quitting his job now but has been working in it throughout his time of learning and becoming successful online. Find out how he’s been able to manage to do it and hopefully you’ll be bale to apply his tips to your business. 
“How To Generate Millions
Of Dollars As A ‘Launch Manager” 
Simon is one of the top ‘Launch Managers’ witin the space. He’s successfully sold millions of dollars worth of product managing launches from behind the scenes. Find out how you 
“How Martin Has Built Up
A Million Dollar Software Company” 
Martin Crumlish is one of the most well known marketers in the space. He’s the co-creator of YouZign and has successfully sold millions of dollars worth of his software. Learn how he’s able to create quality software and go behind the scenes into his successful business. 
“Why English As A Second Language Is No Barrier” 
Han Fan started online marketing with VIDEO even though english is not his first language. Since then he’s become one of the top affiliates over JVZoo and is now one of the top vendors over JVZoo. This interview shows how english was no barrier for Han and his strategy for becoming successful. 
Monthly Q&A Webinar Calls 
Every month you’ll be able to connect with us on a live call to find out what we’ve been working on, any new strategies we’ve found and to ask any questions you want.

The calls will be one hour long and each call will be recorded so you can always review the content at a later date if you miss a live call. 
Regular Updates & New Strategies 
To make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest cutting edge methods that are working REALLY well. You’ll get ongoing content updates as a member. Including video training, case studies and results from our own testing.

This will help you fine tune your own strategies moving forward … so you can focus only on the methods that bring the most profits to your business.
Premium, Private Online Marketing Community Access

You’ll have access to a private forum where you can get answers to any questions, anytime.

Experts inside this “community help” area are on hand to help you with the training.

Use both the forum and the included PRIVATE Facebook group to network with experts and fellow members.

Smart Tracking System 
In another first, we’ve built-in a software that tracks your progress for you.

Previous students and testers have said this was one of their FAVOURITE things about JVZoo Academy Mastery.

The software tracks exactly where you left off at each point of the system. Then automatically takes you to where you need to be the next time you login.

You’ll save time and frustration, while being motivated to move forward.
24 / 7 Unlimited Access & Support
Students REGULARLY tell us our support is the fastest & most effective they’ve ever received.

Our goal is YOUR results, so support is a TOP priority. You can access LIVE SUPPORT 24/7.

No messaging or waiting for replies … just answers to your questions when you need them. 
Academy Mastery gives you everything you need to become a money-making JVZoo marketer. It’s the same system we’ve used to generate over $8,000,000 in just the last 3 years. You can apply it right away to start seeing results.

Beta testers have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars using it. You’ll be guided step by step with over the shoulder video training. Each “how-to” video also includes a cheat sheet … so you can outsource the tasks to a team member to put everything in place for you.

This project has been 2 years in the making. It took a lot of time and effort to re-create our own business journey, then build this roadmap to copy our results.

JVZoo Academy Mastery will continually be updated and improved, so you’ll always have the most cutting edge information. You’re getting the ONLY method you’ll ever need to create and grow an online income with JVZoo.

What are you waiting for? Join us now and start turning your online income dreams into a reality.
  •  Step #1: The “Mastery” System
  •  Step #2: Building Your “Growth Platform”
  •  Step #3: Evergreen Commissions Mastery
  •  Step #4: Selling Formula Mastery
  •  EACH Step Includes Over-The-Shoulder Videos And Cheat Sheets
  •  JVZoo Academy Page Builder:  next generation, automated page creation  software - including all future updates and upgrades
  • Lifetime premium hosting for ALL your Academy web pages
  • Personal VIP training: how to set up your own money
    site in a single afternoon
  • Fresh content and income strategies released regularly
  • 20+ “Strategy” interviews with JVZoo’s TOP EARNING marketers
  • Monthly Q&A Webinars
  • Questions & Answers Private Networking Community
  • Smart Progress Tracking Software
  • 24/7 “Always On” Access And Priority Support
Here’s EVERYTHING You Get With
 JVZoo Academy Mastery:
JVZoo Academy Mastery + Page Builder Software (Charged Monthly)
JVZoo Academy Mastery is strictly limited to a few new members each month to ensure priority support to students.

As membership grows, so will the cost to join. You’re seeing it now at the lowest price it will EVER be available for.

Your access includes everything: the software, unlimited hosting, all 4 phases, every document, video and walk through. You get the interviews, access to our private community forum, the smart tracking technology, product spotlight reviews and high priority support.

You won’t find a more complete or effective system that shows step by step how to make a potentially life-changing income with JVZoo. Nothing held back, including the exact software we use in our own business.

This is the 1st AND ONLY JVZoo-endorsed training platform.

If you were to source a comparable software to JVZoo Academy Builder and private hosting, you could expect to pay up to $125 every month. Both are INCLUDED here today, along with the step by system behind literally MILLIONS of dollars in online profits.

To make sure you’re completely satisfied, we offer this 30 day money back guarantee:
The JVZoo Academy
100% Money Back Guarantee 
Join us today and take the program for a test ride for a full 30 days. We’ll assume ALL the risk so your investment is completely covered. See how you can start a profitable, evergreen business as either an affiliate or product vendor. Scale your existing company to new profit levels with our guidance. Follow int he footsteps of top marketers to see what’s working right now, and how to put that to use to grow your own income. Take full advantage of the premium training, community access, process sheets, workflows and everything else included in the platform.  

If for any reason over the next 30 days you don’t feel this program is for you, contact our support desk and show us what you've been working on so we can help. You have absolutely nothing to risk and an entire month to put our best online practices to use for your personal gain. 
Let’s get to the point.

There are THOUSANDS of courses out there “promising” to show you how to make money online.
Thousands of products on affiliate marketing.
Thousands MORE on list building, scaling your incoming and creating your own products for long term income.

SOME of them are really great, but MANY of them are being sold by people that aren’t doing what they teach.

You could invest in any of these. Then likely find that you’ll need:

- To buy MORE courses to fill in all the pieces of the puzzle
- To buy EXPENSIVE tools just to get started
- To pay for high-priced “advanced training” to get the method to work

To get real results with these products, you could find yourself out THOUSANDS of dollars … just to get started.

With Academy Mastery, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need for less than the cost of take out dinner each month.

This is the FIRST AND ONLY online income SYSTEM endorsed by JVZoo itself. One of the most POWERFUL digital marketing platforms on the planet.

It’s presented by someone who is doing - each and everyday - EVERYTHING he teaches inside the program.

It includes ALL the tools you’ll need, including PREMIUM software AND hosting … things that would actually cost you MORE to source separately than by joining this program.

It’s got the full backing and endorsement of JVZoo as a method PROVEN to work.

And comes with our 30 day money back guarantee.

This really is all you need. Join us now and find out for yourself. I’ll look forward to welcoming you personally inside the member’s area.
 Sam Bakker
JVZoo Academy Founder
  •  Step #1: The “Mastery” System
  •  Step #2: Building Your “Growth Platform”
  •  Step #3: Evergreen Commissions Mastery
  •  Step #4: Selling Formula Mastery
  •  EACH Step Includes Over-The-Shoulder Videos And Cheat Sheets
  •  JVZoo Academy Page Builder:  next generation, automated page creation  software - including all future updates and upgrades
  • Lifetime premium hosting for ALL your Academy web pages
  • Personal VIP training: how to set up your own money
    site in a single afternoon
  • Fresh content and income strategies released regularly
  • 20+ “Strategy” interviews with JVZoo’s TOP EARNING marketers
  • Monthly Q&A Webinars
  • Questions & Answers Private Networking Community
  • Smart Progress Tracking Software
  • 24/7 “Always On” Access And Priority Support
Here’s EVERYTHING You Get With
 JVZoo Academy Mastery:
JVZoo Academy Mastery + Page Builder Software (Charged Monthly)
Copyright JVZoo Academy 2017
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