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Hey, I’m Sam Bakker, and I’ve been a full time online marketer for over 5 years. In the last 2 years I’ve made over $5,000,000 dollars online

While travelling to over 27 countries

Working from my laptop

And outsourcing the majority of my online business

Of course it didn’t start out that way. There was a learning curve. But since then, things have become a lot easier.

And not just for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to help thousands of other people make life changing profits online.

This “passive” income method has given me the time to develop multiple award winning products giving practical solutions to fellow internet entrepreneurs.

It’s also let me help colleagues and friends make Millions in revenues using the exact strategies I’m revealing below. But enough about me ...

This concept isn’t new … but I guarantee you’ve never seen the unique
twist I’m going to put on it for you.

The following method works great for both online and offline businesses …
Yet many online marketers don’t take advantage of this shortcut to higher sales.

Ever hear of McDonald’s?
Think they make their money selling hamburgers? Nope.
They make their money selling fries, sodas and desserts … It’s ALL about the add-ons and upsells.

You walk in looking for a burger. You walk out with a “full meal deal” and ALL the extras.
Which makes McDonald’s a LOT more money.

Because McDonald’s knows that a BUYER is more likely to make EXTRA purchases at the point of sale.

Fast Food Funnels + Automation
For A 300% Income Boost

McDonald’s figured out the sales funnel decades ago.
Thanks to modern technology, these same cash-driving funnels can triple your profits as an online marketer … with almost zero extra work.

Automation means online funnels do the selling for you, 24/7.
They’re “always on” … working for you to constantly maximize your sales.

I know they work because I use them myself … and in under 18 months these same funnels have made me millions of dollars in extra sales.

Check out these personal case studies of
high-converting sales funnels in action:


Revamply was a software I launched in July, 2016.
The front-end product was priced at $197 … and here’s how the funnel performed:

Front End $ Sales $310,926.07
Front End Conversions 13%
Funnel $ Sales $212,512.14
Funnel Conversions 29%

Bolt Publisher was another software I released in January, 2017.
The front-end was priced at $37 … and here are the results:

Front End $ Sales $127,090.82
Front End Conversions 27%
Funnel $ Sales $180,864.03
Funnel Conversions 35%

JVZoo Academy was a training product released as a “beta launch” in May, 2017.
The front-end was priced at $17 … here’s how the funnel performed:

Front End $ Sales $79,505.52
Front End Conversions 26%
Funnel $ Sales $245,141.62
Funnel Conversions 45%

You can see this proven funnel formula works

In each case above, the funnel upgrades drove in over double the sales and conversions of the front-end product.

Just like McDonald’s … the “add-ons” are making the money.
You can also see this works for a wide range of price points and product categories - the math is the same:


Online Marketing
Is Supposed To Be

So why do people
make it hard on themselves?

Marketers sell products every day, but most of them leave a lot of money on the table


Because the real money isn’t in the initial sale - it’s in the related products and add-ons.
The burger, the fries and the soda

Email follow-ups and ads can work, but don’t come
close to the selling power of automated funnels.

Funnels give customers more choices
… and can put a lot more money in your pocket.

Up to 300% more profit
without any extra effort

Tap into the power of funnels before you start promoting products... And you’ll never leave money on the table.

Give Buyers What They Want
And You Get More Of What You Want

There are thousands of studies on why people buy things.
It comes down to 2 main reasons:

People need or WANT a product or service
People ENJOY the buying process

The second point is huge - some call this “retail therapy”
Most of the time, the simple act of buying makes people feel good.

Don’t take my word for it. Take Amazon’s. The largest eCom platform on the planet makes it’s billions with funnels and bundles designed to maximize the buyer experience.

Why? Because Amazon knows how easy it is to encourage people to spend more when they’re in a buying mood.

Search almost anything on Amazon, click on a specific product,
and most of the time you’ll see something like this:

Frequently bought together Amazon’s version of upsells and funnels that maximize impulse purchases.

It works … and it’s very simple to do when you know how

Sales funnels are proven to work in any industry, market or niche.

On any platform.
For physical goods, digital products and services.

Even when you’re promoting products
you haven’t created yourself

By offering customers choice, automated funnels increase buyer experience.
They turn "single item" sales into "packages", putting more money in your pocket.

A solid funnel can make you three times the sales

For almost ZERO extra effort

WITHOUT relying on sending emails or paid ads to make the extra sales

And even better...

Turn One-Time Buyers
Into Long Term Customers

Used properly, funnels help increase both how much customers spend … and how long they keep buying from you.

Because when you give people options to choose multiple, related products, you become a “one-stop shop”.

Which saves your customers the time it takes to find what they need somewhere else …
And keeps them coming back to you instead of going to the competition.

Forget Paying More For Traffic
Creating Brand New Products Just To Boost Sales or Losing Customers To The Competition

You don’t have to …
because now you can skyrocket sales without extra traffic OR making new products.


High converting funnels
is a proven system
based on my over $4,000,000
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Sam Robinson

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Digital product sellers
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List Builders
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effortlessly turn more prospects into high ticket clients with converting funnels that PRE-SELL your leads for you

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Wishing YOU the best of success in your online career.

P.S. You know that “push-button” profits don’t exist … talking from experience these strategies are as close to an automated income as you’ll EVER see. Online funnels sell for you 24/7 whether you’re working or on vacation.

P.P.S. You’ve got nothing to risk with my unconditional guarantee. So grab your access now and let’s start increasing YOUR sales and profits!

I’m a complete beginner. Will this work for me?

Yes! There’s no better time to discover the power of funnel sales than when you’re starting out. They can literally make or break your business. Instead of struggling for $10 or $20 sales … one at a time … you can start seeing automated $30, $60 and even higher sales come into your business.

I’m an intermediate / advanced marketer with funnels already in place. How will this help me?

High Converting Funnels will show you how to optimize your conversions and plug any “leaks” in your existing funnels. With pricing strategies and options that convert more “upsell” sales … advanced techniques to automate your business … including ways to setup automated funnels in new niches with products you don’t make yourself

I see “JVZoo” mentioned a few times … do these methods only work on JVZoo?

Funnel strategy is universal and the sales process is the same on any platform.
While these systems have been optimized for those marketing on JVZoo, they can easily be applied to ClickBank, Warrior Plus and any other eCommerce network.

What If I Don’t Have My Own Product Yet?

While I always recommend creating at least one core product, it’s not essential when you’re starting out. You can use the methods to find other people’s products to create your own profitable funnels … then scale up when you’re ready.

Won’t I Risk “Annoying” My Customers By Offering Upgrades?

Funnel strategy is all about risk and reward. A tiny percentage of people don’t like being offered upgrades … but most really like the option. It all goes back to the McDonald’s example of “would you like fries with that?”
Funnels simply introduce options to customers they may not have considered, and the end result is increased customer value and retention.