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Hi, this is Sam Bakker and on behalf of the entire JVZoo team and myself, welcome to The Academy!

We’re excited to have you on board and will keep this message brief and to the point. You’ve just registered for the ONLY JVZoo-certified income training platform that exists. 
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Now For The Bad News...
As proven as this system is, statistics show that very few people
will take the minimum action needed to get results.
The program works - you’ve already
seen countless testimonials from
successful students.

But the NUMBERS show that only
a small percentage will take
the necessary action to achieve their goals.
Stacking The Deck In YOUR Favour
JVZoo Academy wasn’t created overnight.
The systems and processes behind it are the result of over 30 launches and hundreds of affiliate
campaigns on JVZoo. During testing, we shared our strategies with many marketers
- some brand new, others more advanced.
But in some cases we were frustrated by their progress.

Motivation wasn't the problem...
The challenge was being overwhelmed with new ideas and information.
Which made it hard for these people to focus on the “little steps” they needed to take to get results.
The problem became clear when a friend came to stay with my wife and I for 3 months to work on his new business.

He’d been struggling to focus and got stuck  “worrying” about all the moving parts required to build an evergreen online business.

Within 4 weeks of his visit with us, he did his 1st launch using The Academy methods. It made over $96,500 in 7 days … which was BY FAR the best result he’d EVER had from a product release.

We didn’t do ANY of the work - he earned those results completely from his own efforts.
While there were a few reasons this product was MUCH more successful than his earlier ones,

The KEY reason was simple:
The 94K Case Study
Working directly with me and my team,  Sam was able to easily complete what he needed to, when he needed to.
He always knew exactly what step to take next. 
How? We told him!
His “focus” problem completely disappeared because all he had to do was follow the exact step we put in front of him.
Step By Step Success
We’d already developed all of the systems  Sam was using … the documents, resources and templates … the complete JVZoo Academy method.

All he needed was for these systems to be broken down into “bite-sized” pieces that he could easily understand and follow.

After seeing his results, we knew we were on to something. And had fortunately documented each step of the process Sam had taken.
After seeing his results, we knew we were on to something. And had fortunately documented each step of the process Sam had taken.

So that anyone could have the same “paint-by-numbers” experience that Sam followed to make over 100K
with a single product launch.

It Worked For Affiliate Marketing Too!
After Sam’s visit was over and he went home, he kept following his daily blueprints.
And we’re happy to report that his affiliate commissions have almost DOUBLED since applying the methods in The Academy.
Based on Sam’s results, we’ve broken the entire content of JVZoo Academy into daily plans.
So regardless of your goals …
You’re completely covered and now have the opportunity to reach your goals easier and faster than ever before possible.

Sadly, I can’t invite every Academy student to stay with me for a month … But I CAN offer you the exact same step by step guidance that led to the incredible results Sam was able to achieve:

The JVZoo Academy 60 Day 
“Ultimate Success” Fast Start Plan
The 60 day plan is a daily set of steps that keeps EVERYONE on track with the program.
It keeps you focused so you can easily complete the small actions that lead to big results.
Statistics tell us 95% of those looking for online income will fail. 
  • Lack of quick results
  • Lack of a daily action plan
  • Info overload or “shiny object” distraction
Based on the experiences of our students, we can say without doubt that
those that use our NEW 60 Day Success Plan get better results in LESS time.
Every time.

The 60 Day Ultimate Success Plan Guarantees Your Results
Follow along and in about an hour a day, you WILL have a profitable online business inside of 60 days.

Here's How
  • The ENTIRE JVZoo Academy program is broken up for you into bite-sized chunks, so you can take small daily actions to build YOUR business
  • Each day you’ll receive a custom action plan, including 1 quick video and a simple action guide. Each plan includes training and the exact steps to take to move forward
  • Zero info overload - your 60 day plan keeps you focused with “micro-steps” to move you towards your goals, without distractions
  • One step at a time - the training is drip-fed with 1 new lesson each day. You’ll get a notification in your member’s area AND a personal email when each new lesson is released
  • Simple to stay on track - the program adjusts FOR YOU if you skip a day or take a break,
    so when you’re ready to get back to it, you can pick up right where you left off..
It’s like “painting by numbers” to make profits.
The system is literally unbreakable. Behind MILLIONS of profits online,
and tested for success by dozens of students.

All you have to do is apply it … and The 60 Day “Ultimate Success”
Fast Track Training makes it ridiculously simple.

60 Day "Ultimate Success" Fast Track Training
JVZoo Academy - 60 Day MasterClass (One Time)

Is YOUR Financial Freedom Worth
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An HOUR A Day?

40K per year? Or 167K per year?
Your choice.
We'd love the chance to help you not just achieve, but EXCEED your online income goals
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The entire JVZoo team and myself are thrilled that you’ve joined us.
We’re going to do everything we can to ensure your online success.

Your access to the 60 Day “Ultimate Success” Fast Start Training
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